The lawyers at The Grossman Law Firm, LLC say they were committed to standing by Kevin’s side while he was faced with a personal injury resulting from a warehouse accident.


KEVIN: Well The Grossman Law Firm is great, just simply put. It was really great. Scott, great guy, you know what I mean? He was very concerned about my case and everything, as far as you know, what was going on, what happened to me, making sure I got the right help, and was just all around a great guy. Well I was in a warehouse picking up merchandise. I had gotten struck in the face because I was picking up–I was actually, I’m in the construction field, so I was picking up some metal studs for a building, to finish off a job, and as I was reaching for a bundle of metal studs, one of the bundles from behind fell out and struck me in the face. Kind of almost–basically knocked me out, blood everywhere, and had to get a few stitches. You know, as far as the warehouse, they weren’t really concerned when I got hurt, at all. You know what I mean, it was like they didn’t care. I met with Scott, he definitely made me feel confident. Actually Scott was against a team of lawyers who were trying to fight against my case, and they were trying to low ball him, give him low numbers, and Scott wasn’t going for it. As far as their team of lawyers, I wasn’t concerned. Scott was just, you know, as far as strong lawyer, you know what I mean? He was great. I wasn’t afraid that they had a whole team, I wasn’t concerned, because I’m very, very confident in Scott. He’s a great lawyer. When they called him up and they tried to give him low numbers, and try to bully him and tell him this is how it’s going to be, he didn’t go for it. He made sure that they got the point that he wasn’t going to be bullied, you know? That he was going to be doing the bullying. He wasn’t going to get bullied by them. Right before we went to trial, they settled the case. They got scared. They plainly said well Scott scared them into giving what he wanted and what I wanted, and what I thought was satisfied as far as the price and all my bills taken care of, my hospital bills. So they definitely got bullied by Scott, you know? They were scared. I definitely recommend Scott to anybody. I actually have recommended Scott to my fiancé’s brother, and her mother also. I tell them like look, you have no worries with this lawyer. Scott is great, you know what I mean? He’s great, he’s a strong lawyer, and you know, you’re going to be satisfied with the outcome. As far as Scott’s commitment, like I said, I remember we had a meeting with the other law firm, that we had to take care of a couple days later from–I actually, my kid was just born, and Scott was on vacation. He actually drove all the way from his vacation, a real far out drive, just to meet with me just so we could have this meeting, just to handle the situation. That’s how committed the guy is. The guy is coming from vacation with his family, just to come out to represent me. That’s something you’re not going to find with every lawyer. NARRATOR: Consultations are always free and confidential. Please call 877-99-NJLAW. That’s 877-996-5539.


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