Lawsuit Filed Against "Dancing Dentist"

“American Bandstand” or your local dentist’s office? reported a lawsuit filed last month by a Syracuse, New York woman against her dentist who allegedly punctured her sinus cavity during a tooth extraction. The lawsuit claims the Dentist, Dr. George Trusty, was dancing to the 70’s hit “Car Wash” while using a drill on the woman’s molar.

Ms. Brandy Fanning, 31, of Syracuse, New York, said that as a result of the injuries she sustained by the dentist’s actions, she had to undergo emergency surgery. According to court papers, Ms. Fanning is seeking $600,000 for her medical expenses, pain and suffering in the lawsuit she filed against Dr. Trusty in U.S. District Court in Syracuse last month.

The lawsuit alleges that as Dr. Trusty was performing the procedure, the dentist was “performing rhythmical steps and movements to the song Car Wash,” which was on the radio. Ms. Fanning stated that while the dentist was drilling the molar prior to the extraction, she heard a snap, possibly the drill bit coming apart from the drill.

Ms. Fanning said that the dentist tried to use a metal hook to pull the bit out, but instead the bit was pushed farther up, through her sinus and bone. When Ms. Fanning asked what was happening, Trusty told her it wasn’t a big deal and that she’d likely sneeze the drill bit out, the lawsuit said.

She then expressed alarm and Trusty called an oral surgeon, who was a friend, to get Fanning an appointment. When he got off the phone, he told her she needed to get to an emergency room immediately, according to the lawsuit. Fanning said doctors told her later that if she’d sneezed with the bit still inside, she could have blinded her left eye.


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