Multi Vehicle Crash on Route 9 Kills 73 Year Old Man From Freehold

Late Tuesday morning, a 73-year-old man from Freehold Township died shortly after being involved in a four-car crash on Route 9.

According to a public information officer from Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, an alleged Foreman Barkalow from James Street was driving his Ford station wagon on Route 9 south near the Park Nine Diner, when he suddenly crossed over the road’s grass median and swerved into oncoming traffic.

The station wagon allegedly crashed head-on into a Nissan Rogue SUV in the northbound lanes by Route 524. Two other automobiles then collided with the Rogue after the initial crash, a Mazda 6 and a Honda Civic.

According to reports shortly before noon, Barkalow was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The other three drivers involved were brought to a local hospital for medical treatment, and were released later on.

The identities of the uninjured drivers were not disclosed, and there were no passengers in any of the vehicles.

The intersection of Route 9 and Elton Adelphia Road was closed for several hours after the crash, but was reopened by approximately 3:30 p.m. of the same day.

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