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Passaic County is the ninth most populous county in the state of New Jersey with its population of 501,226 in the 2010 census. Passaic County is a part of New York City Metropolitan Area and its county seat is Paterson.

For years, The Grossman Law Firm has served injured people living in Passaic County and helped many injured people get their lives back together again. We concentrate on handling a variety of personal injury claims, such as vehicle accidents and other injuries, product liability, wrongful death and more. We provide the highest level of attention and care to our client’s cases in order to help them obtain the maximum amount of compensation they deserve for their injuries and/or losses.

Personal Injury Claims

Even individuals who take the strictest precautions can get injured in accidents because of the negligence or carelessness of other individuals. When an accident strikes and results in serious injuries, it’s important that the liable person pays for the victim’s losses.

Auto Accidents

Failure of drivers to use reasonable care while behind the wheel is considered negligence. The driver who negligently operates a vehicle and causes a car accident may be required by law to pay for any damages to the individual who sustained injuries due to their careless or reckless actions. For a claim to be successful, the injured party must prove that the other driver acted negligently, and that the negligence was the cause of the accident and the injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than any other types of motorist. Their lack of bodily protection can make them suffer more severe injuries and even death when a motorcycle accident occurs. Some car and truck drivers are inattentive. When these careless drivers fail to yield or fail to see a motorcyclist and hit or cause the motorcycle to crash, they can be legally liable for the motorcyclist’s injuries.

Truck Accidents

In Passaic County, New Jersey, accidents involving big rigs are often caused by truckers asleep at the wheel or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or truckers who are fatigued, refuse to let other vehicles merge, fail to brake on time, drive too fast for the conditions, or swing too wide when making a turn.

Pedestrian Accidents

When vehicles strike pedestrians, the consequences can be extremely devastating. Many injured victims believe that they can resolve their personal injury claim and negotiate directly with the insurance company of the responsible driver. Statistics show that most unrepresented victims were not able to receive fair compensation for their losses.

Premises Liability

If a person who is lawfully on someone else’s property sustains injuries as a result of a hazardous condition on the premises, the negligent property owner or occupier may be responsible for the accident that occurred. However, proving negligence in premises liability claims can be a complex procedure.

Dog Bites

Injuries caused by dog bites or attack usually require costly medical care and surgery. The strict liability statute of New Jersey holds negligent dog owners liable for the injuries caused by their dogs. However, many individuals injured by the dog of their relatives or friends choose not to sue people they care about. Typically, however, compensation for dog bite claims is paid by homeowner’s insurance companies and not by the dog owners.

Wrongful Death

The aim of the NJ Wrongful Death Act is to provide compensation to surviving families of the deceased victims for their financial losses. After the untimely death of a loved one, waiting too long before hiring a lawyer can affect claims. Evidence can be lost and witnesses may move to other places.

Hospitals and Medical Centers in Passaic County, New Jersey

  • St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center – 703 Main St, Paterson, NJ 07503 / 973-754-2000
  • St Mary’s Hospital, Passaic- 350 Boulevard Passaic, NJ 07055 / 973-365-4300
  • St Joseph’s Wayne Hospital – 224 Hamburg TPKE, Wayne, NJ 07470 / 973-942-6900

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