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Salem County, New Jersey is the state’s least populous county and is also considered the most rural. With a population of 65,774, the county uses 42.6 percent of its land for farming, complementing its rivers, marshlands, and woodlands. Salem County also has a distinct appeal with its 18th-century Quaker masonry, particularly in the county seat Salem (city). With these, the county has ranked high in statewide tourism growth in recent years.

New industries are already coming to Salem County, and with these developments, accidents can also become more likely. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one due to a Salem County accident, you have to fight for justice and compensation in order to recover fully.

Your fight doesn’t have to be costly or exhausting. With the help of a good attorney, you can rightfully win what you deserve.

The Grossman Law Firm, LLC can provide the legal service you need. We are a team of personal injury lawyers led by the competent and compassionate attorney Scott D. Grossman. Our dedication is to help real people like you get their rightful recoveries, especially in the face of complex insurance procedures and large companies. We want to lighten your burden, so we combine our legal knowledge and skills with sympathetic treatment of you as our client.

Having served thousands of people, we are experienced in various cases. These include vehicle accidents, medical errors, workers’ compensation, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, truck accidents, brain or spine injury, and wrongful death. If your experience is similar to any of these, call on the Grossman Law Firm.

Salem County Accident Statistics

In spite of its quaint appeal, Salem County still experiences more than a thousand accidents each year, with many of these accidents resulting to injuries and deaths.

– The New Jersey Department of Transportation reports that in 2011, Salem County had a total of 1,693 vehicle crashes.

– Of these incidents, 12 were fatal and 429 caused injuries.

– The fatal crashes caused the deaths of 16 people, including 2 pedestrians, according to the State Police.

Salem County Hospitals and Medical Centers

Immediate medical care can be crucial and even lifesaving when an accident occurs. In Salem County, these are some of the hospitals and medical centers you can call:

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