Soccer Goal Seriously Injures Young Child

According to the Manalapan Patch, a six year old Howell Township girl was injured when a soccer goal tipped over on her. She suffered serious injuries and was transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune.

The accident happened at Howell Middle School North during soccer practice. Witnesses say they heard a loud bang when the goal tipped over. Wind had been picking up at the time and some say the child had been playing on the net of the goal.

Unanchored soccer goals are a source of injury throughout the United States and Canada. reports that from the years 1979 through 2015, 39 deaths and 57 injuries have been attributed to faulty or unsecured goals.

Preventive measures can be taken. It’s important that goals are well designed and professionally constructed. Goals should be secured with sand bags or staked to the ground or both. Playing on the goals should be prohibited and parent supervision should be constant when the goals are in use. Goals should be tipped down and locked in place when soccer is no longer being played.

We at the Grossman Law firm want to acknowledge the pain and suffering the family of the injured girl must be going through. As personal injury attorneys we see first-hand the damage caused by numerous kinds of accidents. Sadly, many of these accidents are the result of carelessness and negligence. Many could have been prevented.

If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury at the hands of another, you should secure competent and experienced legal representation. A firm whose background matches your needs. In the case of the young girl, it is reported she suffered a head injury. That means an attorney may be needed with experience in traumatic brain injuries. Or there may be a product liability case when it comes to the soccer goal itself. We have experience with that, too. A thorough grounding in understanding negligence is also key.

The law charges any property owner with the responsibility of maintaining their grounds in a safe manner. That includes school districts and the people who operate events on their property. Failure to safely conduct games and events can result in these owners and managers being held negligent. Thoroughly understanding the concept of negligence helps us when it comes to accidents. And we are completely familiar with municipal law which comes into play when dealing with a government body like a school district.

Do you have questions about an injury you or someone you know has been involved in? For a free consultation about accident law and your rights, call today. Compensation may be possible.