PA Bill Creates Consumer Advocate for Insurance Matters

Last week, the Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee held a public hearing to discuss a bill introduced to create an independent office that would give a voice to the state’s consumers in insurance matters. The proposed Office of Consumer Advocate for Insurance is designed to protect the largely unprotected and neglected insurance consumer in Pennsylvania. The office would possess the authority […]

Allstate et al., You've Got It All Wrong…

I’m feeling particularly cranky today. In my continuing tirade against the auto insurance industry’s apparent war against its insureds, I want to once again address the way in which, you, the consumer, with the good driving record, who has dutifully paid premiums on time, is getting the shaft by your insurer. God help us all if […]

"I was injured in a car accident. Who pays my medical bills?"

While that is the case in many states, New Jersey operates under a “no fault” system, meaning that who is to blame for causing the accident is irrelevant when determining which insurance company must pay for one’s medical treatment.  Your automobile insurance has something called Personal Injury Protection or PIP Benefits. So if you were injured in an […]

$10 Million Jury Verdict for Back Injury

A federal jury recently awarded an Iowa man $10 million for emotional distress and pain and suffering after ruling that his employer’s insurance carrier acted in bad faith in denying his claim for benefits from a back injury. The plaintiff, Kris Zimmer, a computer technician for Norwest Financial, injured his back while bending over to […]

NJ Drivers May See High(er) Priced Insurance

According to a recent article in Insurance Journal, New Jersey drivers could see a return to high prices and fewer choices for their insurance if legislators limit the use occupation and education as rating factors. The proposed bill would prohibit insurers from using occupation and education in the underwriting process, which, critics believe, will hamper […]

Auto insurance companies adopt "Delay, Deny, Defend" to maximize profits at consumers expense

The auto insurance companies do not want the public to understand the most important of Newton’s Laws on Physics.  Energy does not dissapear, it is transmitted to the impacted vehicle and hence to the occupants.  Often times at trial, after years of delays from the insurance company,  defense counsel will blow up a photo of […]

Geico accused of discriminatory rate setting criteria in New Jersey

According to a New Jersey Citizen consumer advocate organization, Geico sets it’s rates based upon factors such as  level of education and job status.    Geico denied these allegations which some say may ultimately translate into discrimation on racial lines. “New Jersey Citizen Action said it obtained 449 rate quotes from Geico’s Web site and found the average […]

If You Own an RV, GMAC Has Insurance For You

In a recent article in Insurance Journal, it was reported that GMAC Insurance announced a new product for owners of Recreational Vehicles (“RV”). Recognizing that RVs are unique motor vehicles, GMAC Insurance has tailor made a product for this specialized vehicle, which is available in a handful of states currently, but will be available nationwide […]