Allstate et al., You've Got It All Wrong…

I’m feeling particularly cranky today. In my continuing tirade against the auto insurance industry’s apparent war against its insureds, I want to once again address the way in which, you, the consumer, with the good driving record, who has dutifully paid premiums on time, is getting the shaft by your insurer. God help us all if […]

Alcohol Related New Jersey Car Accident Leaves Grocery Shoppers Injured

We all know that drinking and driving often results in death, serious injury or the destruction of life.  A recent local news story reported an accident in South Jersey recently sent several innocent grocery shoppers to the hospital. A car spun out of control and slammed into 3 people – two of them were in […]

The Number of Traffic Fatalities in New Jersey Are Down

New Jersey traffic accident related fatalities have statistically decreased by 17 percent over the past 12 months however, the actual number of deaths remains at an unacceptable horrifying 207 between January 1st and May 17 of this year. These statistics were reported in a recent Today’s Sunbeam article that interviewed New Jersey State Police Colonel […]

NJ Drivers Report on NJ Drivers, Roads, Distractions

The results are in! The AAA Clubs of New Jersey biannual transportation survey published the results which revealed that the top five safety issues on our roads are: 1. impaired drivers 2. text messaging while driving 3. big trucks that tailgate 4. aggressive driving 5. using a hand-held cell phone while driving. New Jersey motorists […]


Hey New Jersey residents… I know you know this already, but as of March 1, 2008, you can be stopped, ticketed and fined for driving while talking on your handheld cell phone. Get a hands free attachment or use the speakerphone option, or better yet, don’t use the phone just to catch up with old […]

New Jersey Teenage Driver Safety Commission Formed

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine signed a bill earlier this month creating the Teenage Driver Safety Study Commission. The purpose of the Commission is to  recommend ways to prevent car accidents involving inexperienced motorists. Read the full article in The Star Ledger. It’s a timely action by the Governor, when communities across the state are […]

Auto insurance companies adopt "Delay, Deny, Defend" to maximize profits at consumers expense

The auto insurance companies do not want the public to understand the most important of Newton’s Laws on Physics.  Energy does not dissapear, it is transmitted to the impacted vehicle and hence to the occupants.  Often times at trial, after years of delays from the insurance company,  defense counsel will blow up a photo of […]

If You Own an RV, GMAC Has Insurance For You

In a recent article in Insurance Journal, it was reported that GMAC Insurance announced a new product for owners of Recreational Vehicles (“RV”). Recognizing that RVs are unique motor vehicles, GMAC Insurance has tailor made a product for this specialized vehicle, which is available in a handful of states currently, but will be available nationwide […]