New Jersey Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

The risk of injury drastically increases when a collision involves a full-sized truck such as a tractor trailer. In fact, tractor-trailer accidents and other types of truck accidents are among the leading and most devastating causes of injuries and fatalities on our roads and highways.

Tractor-trailers and other forms of trucks and 18 wheelers are significantly larger and heavier compared to the average motor vehicle. Many of these trucks also carry massive amounts of freight, and these truck drivers often spend very long hours behind the wheel. For these reasons, New Jersey truck drivers and trucking companies must follow numerous federal and state laws and regulations, and must follow high standards of care and personal injury liability.

In a tractor trailer accident, there may be several sources of potential liability. The truck driver, the trucking company, the shop that maintains the truck, or even the warehouse that loaded the tractor-trailer may all share liability in a truck accident.

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A competent tractor-trailer injury attorney investigates all possible sources of liability in order to maximize the amount of damages or financial compensation that a tractor-trailer accident victim may receive. A truck accident attorney represents victims injured in trucking accidents, including those that are caused by speeding, driver fatigue, driver inexperience, truck overloading, drug or alcohol use, and inadequate maintenance. A knowledgeable attorney may also hire professionals, such as an accident reconstruction expert, to further examine the situation and prove fault on the truck and other parties.

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