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Far too often, victims of car accidents, fall downs or violent assaults suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). The statistics on the incidence of TBI’s are shocking. The latest estimates indicate that in the United States over 1.4 million people annually suffer TBI’s and out of this staggering number there are approximately 50,000 reported annual deaths.

A traumatic brain injury or can happen when an object strikes the head with such severe force that it causes a sudden movement of the brain inside the skull. If the skull wasn’t fractured then the person may have suffered what is called a “closed head injury.” The brain may then swell and without any place to expand this could cause intracranial pressure and further injury to the brain. Also, a rapid involuntary movement of the head such as whiplash from a car accident can result in the brain suddenly jarring in one direction and then in the opposite direction within the cavity of the skull. This mechanism of injury stretches apart nerve fibers and can cause trauma to brain tissue producing multiple dysfunctions within the working complexities of the brain. The force of the strike to the head may also result in a fracture of the skull itself which can directly injure the brain. This is referred to as an “open head injury.”

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Difficult for the victims and their families

Traumatic Brain Injury can be extremely difficult for the victims and their families. One may experience a temporary loss of consciousness (LOC), memory loss, mood swings, irritability, depression, difficulty reading or concentrating. Also, TBI victims may begin to mistrust others and feel that those individuals attempting to help them do not have their best intentions at heart. These are all signs of a TBI and require immediate medical attention.

Closed head injuries are often very frustrating to the victims because without seeing a physical injury to the head, family and friends often have a difficult time connecting the injury to their loved one’s recent personality changes. Even more frustrating is when MRI or CT scans of the brain do not reveal any definitive signs of a TBI. At times determinative signs of a TBI will elude medical providers in that the neurons of the brain are affected deep within the brain itself rather than its outer portion. This is where treatment of a neuropsychologist, neuropsychiatrist, neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialists may become very important to the diagnosis and treatment of a TBI.

A TBI can occur from a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle accident, construction accident, assault or fall-down incident and more. Each year in New Jersey there are more than 9000 TBI’s that result in hospitalizations. Studies reveal that New Jersey’s TBI fatality rate is approximately 10%. TBI’s range from mild to severe and can cause impairment of cognitive and physical abilities as well as changes in behavior and emotional functioning. Seemingly mild TBI’s can have significant effects that do not immediately appear. Treatments for acute TBI include controlling intracranial bleeding and pressure, and monitoring for changes in consciousness and behavior. At all levels, accidents can directly impact the victim and their family’s quality of life. Loss of employment, mounting medical debt combined with the physical and emotional toll can temporarily or permanently alter the lives of the victims of a TBI.

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