Woman Files $500,000 Personal Injury Lawsuit Against NJ Little League Player

A worn-out baseball
Schyler / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

A woman from Manchester Township seeks $500,000 from a 13-year old Little Leaguer in damages for personal injuries sustained after being hit in the face with an errant baseball thrown by the player. The lawsuit claims that the Little League player exercised negligence and carelessness when he engaged in physical and/or sporting activity near the victim which caused the accident. The plaintiff alleged that she sustained multiple facial fractures, went through reconstructive surgery and has been suffering headaches 2 years after the injury.

The Little Leaguer’s attorney maintains that the six-figure lawsuit is meritless and argues that the plaintiff should have known of the risk of being hit by an errant baseball at a youth baseball game. The boy, who was 11 during the accident, claims he accidentally overthrew the baseball into the picnic area while assisting a pitcher warm up in the bullpen. He apologized to the plaintiff immediately after the accident occurred, to which she replied she was fine.

Two years after the accident, the plaintiff files a personal injury lawsuit.

This lawsuit may cause a new breed of injury claims by baseball game spectators to rise. While the suit is aimed at the Little League player, it could have also targeted the organization conducting the game. It’s also possible for the Manchester Township to face tort claims.  Youth sports programs and municipalities need to review their insurance policies since accident insurance of local leagues usually cover coaches and players only, and not the spectators of the games.

Baseball fields generally put signs that warn spectators about the risk of foul balls during the game but not about overthrown baseballs.

This personal injury case may be rare but it represents what seems to be a minor accident that can result in a six-figure lawsuit and hefty legal fees. It’s therefore important to consult with a good injury law firm when injuries occur.

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