Auto insurance companies adopt "Delay, Deny, Defend" to maximize profits at consumers expense

The auto insurance companies do not want the public to understand the most important of Newton’s Laws on Physics.  Energy does not dissapear, it is transmitted to the impacted vehicle and hence to the occupants.  Often times at trial, after years of delays from the insurance company,  defense counsel will blow up a photo of the impacted vehicle that does not show significant property damage. A strategy frequently successful in having jurors draw an inference that the injuries claimed by the plaintiff are either untrue or if true they must have been from some other cause unrelated to the auto accident.  The CNN news story referenced above did an excellent job exposing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to insurance companies doing whatever it takes to put corporate profits above the interests of those very individuals they are supposed to help.

In New Jersey when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, your medical bills are supposed to paid for through the PIP, Personal Injury Protection benefits of the injured persons’ insurance company without regard to who caused the accident.  So in New Jersey,  the medical benefits through PIP coverage follows the person and not the vehicle.  However, the policy of denial often times happens through the issuance of a medical treatment cut-off or denial letter on the basis that the patient has reached MMI or maximum medical improvement.   This frequently occurs without consulting the treating physician or without even examining the patient.  Often the denial will be on the reccomendation of a physician advisor review.  This means that a physician of like specialty will review some of your medical records and decide for your insurance company, while being paid by that insurance company if you should be cut-of from further treatment regardless of what you may be feeling.  The system is driven to maximize profits by minimizing costs of medical care to insurance companies own insureds.  To add insult to injury, these corporate profits aren’t even passed onto the consumer in the form of auto insurance rate reductions.  The PR spin shall continue……..Blame the lawyers for your exorbitant auto insurance rates. It works each year after year along with the deeply ingrained favorite phrase of the insurance corporate elite …”TORT REFORM”.

Please read the CNN article linked above and I invite all who are interested or who have personal stories to tell to respond to this post.

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