Fair Lawn Woman killed by NJ Transit train in Bergen County

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An NJ Transit train bound to Hoboken struck and killed a 47-year old Fair Lawn woman near the Broadway station one Tuesday morning. According to a transit spokesperson, the Bergen Line train hit the woman who was trespassing at the time of the accident, which occurred 400 feet north of the Broadway station.

The transit engineer reported to investigators that after seeing the woman running from track 1’s north side to track 2, he blew his horn and applied the emergency brake. To his surprise, the woman did not attempt to leave the tracks, but faced the train instead. The train was carrying about 200 people when the accident took place. All transit passengers were uninjured.

A Fair Lawn resident who witnessed the NJ Transit accident said he was waiting on the platform and saw the train coming as he looked down. Although he did not see anyone on the tracks at first, he heard the blast of the train’s horn seconds later, and then suddenly saw a woman standing on the tracks. The eyewitness added that the woman seemed to appear out of nowhere, and that she did not make any attempt to jump out of the way. She was then struck by the train straight on. He also commended the quick reflexes of the transit train engineer.

Due to the accident, the Bergen Line trains ran with delays and some trains were diverted to the Main Line.

Trains are among the most convenient forms of public transportation in the country. Americans first traveled throughout the country along railroad tracks. The transportation system today has drastically changed, but trains still do operate, and they carry many passengers and heavy loads of goods. Many people even consider today’s trains to be more dependable than ever.

Unlike motor vehicle accidents, train accidents rarely occur. However, train accidents are considered as one of the most devastating occurrences, as it can cause unimaginable personal injuries and property damage. Because of a train’s speed and its inability to make a sudden stop, a train accident can result in catastrophic injuries.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 1,955 train accidents occurred in 2011, of which 105 people sustained injuries and 6 people were killed. The causes of these train accidents include collisions, derailment, and other forms of accidents among passenger trains and freight trains.

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