Injured while riding on a motorcycle, in a bus, taxi or commercial vehicle in a New Jersey accident? Believe it or not, neither your truck, motorcycle or auto insurance company will be responsible for your medical bills.

In New Jersey, as a general rule if you are injured while occupying or driving a motorcycle, moped, commercial vehicle, taxi cab, chauffeured rentals or bus you will not be able to seek PIP no-fault benefits for payment of your medical bills. That’s right, if you have private health insurance your medical bills may be covered as long as your policy does not contain any specific exclusions for treatment you receive as a result of an accident while driving for example a motorcycle.

While it appears counter intuitive, in New Jersey the individual at fault driver’s insurance company in a motor vehicle accident is not responsible to pay for the injured’s medical bills related to treatment for injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident.  Instead, it is the injured person’s own auto insurance, their resident relatives auto insurance or the owner of the vehicle’s insurance company that would be responsible to pay for the medical bills through the PIP, personal injury protection benefits portion of the respective policy.  Unfortunately, this rule changes if you are injured in the above types of vehicles, since they have been deemed to have not  met the “automobile” requirement of the PIP No-fault type medical expense benefits and therefore you will usually be excluded from coverage.

THAT’S RIGHT if you are injured while on a motorcycle or in a cab ride or on a bus or in a commercial vehicle, your medical bills will not be paid by available insurance.  Thus, it becomes even more important to make sure that you retain a personal injury attorney who is proficient in New Jersey motorcycle accident law, truck accident law or taxi related motor vehicle injury law.  This is because your attorney will seek compensation for your pain and suffering and for your outstanding medical bills from the at fault driver.  This area of law has become very complex and requires counsel that has extensive experience in representing persons injured in truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, taxi cab accidents and bus accidents.  This is particularly true in the case of victims of serious injuries because their mounting current and future medical debts with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injuries (SCI) could leave a family into life altering financial ruins.

My clients are often times totally shocked when I explain to them the realty of the PIP laws in New Jersey.  They often ask how is this possible that I was riding in a taxi and the driver was in a major accident and his insurance company is not responsible for payment of my injury related medical bills? I tell them to thank the powerful insurance lobby who has done an amazing job blaming the “trial lawyers” like myself  for your exorbitant insurance rates while netting BILLIONS in record profits and shielding themselves by succeeding in having the New Jersey legislature pass laws exempting them from payment to their insured’s or insured’s immediate family member’s medical providers where medical claims have become exempt from coverage.

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