Jackson Officials Stymied on Making Deadly Roadways Safer

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The safety of motorists driving on Jackson’s roadways has again become a subject of debate since two sisters were killed in a two-car, head-on collision in County Route 547.

The 17-year-old driver of a 1987 Mercedes Benz was crossing the centerline of Route 547 on a rainy day when her car collided head-on with a 2001 MVP minivan being driven by a 47-year old man. Both the driver of the Mercedes and her 15-year-old sister died, while the minivan’s driver sustained minor injuries.

Ocean County Sheriff’s Department and Jackson Police are investigating excessive and wet roads as circumstances that might have contributed to the crash.

Reports from New Jersey’s Fatal Accident Statistics show that since 1999, 86 people have been killed in the township’s 69 fatal vehicular accidents. Most of the fatal accidents occurred on Routes 527/528 and Route 571, the two major county roads crisscrossing the township. Reports also showed that in these 69 fatal road accidents, 41 occurred in county routes, including 11 deaths on Route 527, 9 deaths on Route 528 and 9 deaths on Route 571.

An officer from the Jackson Police Department said that a vehicle’s driver seems to be among the most consistent contributing factors in many of the crashes that occur in the township. The officer also added that although the overall accident rate is decreasing, a lot of high profile road accidents continue to occur.

According to police authorities and roadway engineers, the fatalities are more likely caused by poor driving rather than bad weather or roadway conditions. However, the question of the motorists’ safety on the township’s roadways has previously generated widespread interest. As a result of the controversy, the Safe Roads Advisory Committee was created in 2009, but was discontinued due to a lack of resources.

An Ocean County engineer said motorists often drive on County routes to and from state highways, which is why they are considered collector roads. Considering the county roads’ centerline miles and Jackson’s local roads, the engineer added that the Ocean County has a majority share.

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