New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love was hurt in an NJ car accident that was caused by someone else, the law could be on your side.

Obtaining compensation and achieving justice can greatly help you recover, so fight for what you deserve with the help of an experienced accident lawyer.

Why You Should File A Car Accident Claim?

Pursuing legal action may sound daunting, but you should consider making an claim to protect your best interests. Without a legal claim, the insurance company may refuse to pay you the true amount you are entitled to (or any amount at all and you may be left facing the costs of your injuries by yourself.

Note that pursuing a personal injury claim does not necessarily mean having to go to court. In fact, most New Jersey auto accident cases are settled outside the courtroom. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you deserve.  An experienced NJ accident lawyer can help you succeed in your claim.

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Why Choose The Grossman Law Firm For Your New Jersey Car Accident Injury Claim?

  • Experienced New Jersey Car Accident LawyerWinning experience. Put out experience to work for you. Our accident lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience dealing with auto injury cases in New Jersey. We have successfully represented clients in both central and northern New Jersey who have suffered physical, financial and emotional pain because of the negligence of others.
  • No fee unless you win. This is our guarantee: You won’t have to pay us any fee unless we win. You get high-quality legal representation without having to take out money from your pocket until you get compensation.
  • Full commitment to your case. As a personal injury client, you will receive professional, compassionate, and aggressive representation. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness to our clients and we make sure every client is treated as an individual and never as another file.
  • Fearless representation. Don’t worry about facing large insurance companies. Our skilled lawyers are backed by the support of an expert legal team who knows how to take on even the most powerful insurance carriers in the country.

We care about your situation and understand the stress you may be going through. Your consultation with us is completely free of charge. Tell us about your New Jersey car accident by calling (732) 625-9494 today.

What Type Of  Car Crash Were You Injured In?

New Jersey Car Crash TypesThere are various types of car crashes, and some are more complicated than others. No matter how complex your car accident was or the size of the insurance company you’re up against, we have the skills and experience to help you. We have successfully handled a variety of car crash types, including (but not limited to):

  • Rear-end collisions. This type of crash happens when a vehicle behind you hits the back end of your car.
  • Head-on collisions. When the front ends of two vehicles collide, the resulting injuries can be particularly serious and even fatal.
  • Side-impact collisions (T-bone or broadside). This is the car accident type that occurs when the side of your car is hit by another vehicle.
  • Rollover accidents. These highly fatal crashes are typical among SUVs and other taller cars, as they have more tendency to tip onto their side or their roof.
  • Single-car accidents. If your car is the only vehicle involved – for example, if you crashed into a fire hydrant or a wall – you may be wondering if it was your fault. Talk to us first to make sense of your accident.
  • Multi-vehicle wrecks (pileups). When three or more vehicles are involved, determining fault can be difficult, but we can get to the bottom of it to identify the responsible parties.
  • Commercial vehicle experience. Crash involving large vehicles such as 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, semi-trucks, delivery vans, buses, tankers, cement trucks, dump trucks etc… are more complicated due to the nature of the accident and due to the fact that often company of the commercial vehicle driver will likely have their own legal team behind them.

We take on even the toughest car accidents. Our car accident lawyers are proficient in researching, gathering evidence, building strategies, and negotiating to get you top compensation  regardless of what type of car crash injured you.

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What Caused Your Auto Accident?

New Jersey Car Accident CausesUnfortunately, no matter how safely you drive, there is always the possibility that someone else will be negligent enough to cause an accident. Negligence is an essential element in any injury case, so consult with us to see the legal steps you can take against the at-fault party.

Here are some of the most common causes of vehicle crashes:

  • Were you hit by a vehicle that was going too fast? Excessive speed often leads to more serious injuries.
  • Distracted driving. Many drivers today are distracted by their mobile phones or other devices while on the road.
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence. This could involve intoxication by alcohol or by drugs.
  • Unsafe roads. Lack of road maintenance, defective road design, lack of traffic signs, and the presence of road hazards are some factors that make a motorway particularly unsafe.
  • Defective vehicle parts. Malfunctioning brakes and defective airbags are common examples of these.
  • Poorly maintained vehicle. A vehicle that isn’t well-tuned can cause larger problems on the road – for example, by suddenly breaking down in the middle of the street, resulting in a collision.

In most of these cases, someone may be held liable. While it is commonly a driver who is at fault, other parties such as vehicle manufacturers and even public agencies may be responsible, too. Our accident lawyers can help you pinpoint where the fault lies and identify the best course of action to move forward.

How Bad Are Your Auto Accident Injuries?

New Jersey Car Accident InjuriesCar accident injuries are often serious and even life-threatening. It is best not to take them lightly, even if they seem very minor. Some vehicle injuries don’t even manifest themselves until weeks after the accident, so don’t dismiss a seemingly simple bruise or any slight ache.

Serious car crash injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neck and spine injury
  • Chest injury
  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Joint injury

These injuries often involve costly medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost wages. Many auto accident victims in NJ also require long-term care and ongoing therapy. In other words, accident injuries can have a huge (and sometimes permanent) impact on your life

Your first priority after a New Jersey car wreck should be to seek professional medical attention to make sure that all your injuries are detected and treated. Don’t avoid getting a doctor’s appointment just because of the potential medical bills – your NJ car accident lawyer from the Grossman Law Firm will aggressively fight for you to get compensated for the costs of your injuries.

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Sobering New Jersey Car Accident Fatality Statistics

nj auto accident stats - number of people killed by vehicle typeAccording to New Jersey road traffic accident statistics, in 2009 the most fatalities occurred in passenger vehicles, followed by light trucks, then motorcycles closely behind. Large truck accidents, such as semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, big rigs, tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles resulted in the  lowest number of fatalities. While large commercial vehicles resulted in the least amount of fatalities injuries from large trucks are often much more serious than regular passenger cars or light trucks.

nj auto accident stats - number of people killed by vehicle typeAge seems to also play are role in NJ auto accident fatalities with the highest number of victims being in the age range of 25-35, tied for the second highest number of groups killed are ages 45-54 and 74+. Surprisingly the lowest numbers of fatalities in 2009 were for the 21-24 and the 65-74 age groups.

Tragically there was a significant number of children killed as well.

NJ Accident Laws And How They Can Work For You

New Jersey Car Accident InsuranceNew Jersey has several laws that apply when you get injured in an accident. Having a basic awareness of these laws is a good first step in pursuing your case.

  • Auto insurance law. Every vehicle operating in New Jersey is required to have auto insurance. But even if your insurance policy, as well as the other driver’s, can cover your accident costs, getting the money won’t be easy. You’ll have to gather evidence for your claim and negotiate with the insurance provider. You may also have to win in a trial.
  • No-fault rule. When it comes to car accident insurance, NJ is a no-fault state. This means that regardless of who was at fault in the accident, your own insurer will be the one to pay you. This is why your auto insurance policy includes a personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. However, this rule may not apply if your injuries are considered serious.
  • Shared fault rule. Legally called the modified Comparative Negligence law, this rule states that the amount of compensation you may receive will be reduced according to how much fault you contributed to the accident. Further, if you had more than 50 percent of the fault, you won’t be able to collect anything at all from the other parties. New Jersey insurance adjusters often cite this rule during settlement talks, so make sure you have a knowledgeable attorney to protect you.
  • Car accident reporting. In an accident where someone was hurt or a vehicle was badly damaged, you are legally obligated to report the incident to the police. File an accident report as soon as you can. This report will also serve as a valuable evidence once you make an accident claim.
  • Statute of limitations. This is a law that sets a deadline for those who are pursuing a car accident case. If you wish to sue someone for your injuries, you have two years from the date of injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. After two years, the NJ court system will likely refuse to hear your case. There is also a deadline for filing a written claim, so the sooner you take action, the better.

The best way to make these laws work for you is by consulting an injury attorney right after your accident. One of our experienced New Jersey car accident lawyers can protect your rights, stand up to insurance companies, and build you an effective and robust case. It is important to call us immediately, as any delay can hurt your claim.

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Other New Jersey Car Accident Facts And Figures

New Jersey Vehicle AccidentsAuto accidents occur by the thousands across the country each year, and many of these happen in New Jersey. These accidents are often injurious and many are fatal.

According to the latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 96 percent of all vehicles involved in traffic accidents in 2014 were passenger vehicles. That’s 10,165,000 cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans. In the same year, 21,022 people died from passenger vehicle crashes, while 2.07 million were injured. Passenger car occupants made up 57 percent of the fatalities and 62 percent of the injured victims.

New Jersey has over 37,000 miles of public roads. The NJ Department of Transportation reports that in 2014, a total of 290,212 traffic accidents occurred statewide. Of these, 521 were fatal crashes and 59,408 were injury crashes. The counties of Bergen, Middlesex, and Essex were the three counties with the most number of traffic accidents that year. Although other counties such as Monmouth County, had significant numbers as well.

These statistics are frightening despite state-of-the-art air bags, recent laws enacted to require the wearing of seatbelts, and the use of hands-free cell phones.

Accidents happen, and when they do, the potential for devastation is great. No matter how common car crashes are, each incident is largely personal, creating a huge financial and emotional burden for the individuals involved.

When such a misfortune has happened to you, you don’t want your case to be treated as just another statistic. Your case needs personal attention and commitment. This is exactly the kind of legal service we provide, making us the firm that numerous clients trust.

We welcome our clients and residents of New Jersey to view and subscribe to our Injury & Accident Law Blog for the latest developments in motor vehicle accident information. Also be sure to read our auto accident FAQs or simply call us at (732) 625-9494 for a free consultation if you need advice on your injury claim.

What You Need To Remember After An Automobile Accident in New Jersey

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident LawyerA car accident can leave you disoriented and anxious, but it’s important to stay calm. There are things you need to remember in the aftermath, for you to succeed in pursuing your case:

  • File a report. If you haven’t already called the police about your accident, now is the time to do it. Don’t wait too long before filing your accident report – this is a vital piece of documentation to support your claim, and any delay could be taken against your case.
  • Don’t admit fault. Accidents are often confusing, and sometimes, you may think you were to blame. Don’t say a word before you have an attorney to speak for you. Don’t even apologize. Any admission of fault can badly hurt your case and reduce your chances of getting compensated.
  • Don’t accept a first offer. The insurance company will likely get in touch with you very soon after your car accident, offering you a certain amount of money. But insurers are known to employ tactics that benefit them, not you. Many injury victims make the mistake of settling with a first offer, not realizing this is far less than the amount they deserve. Never settle for anything until you have your attorney’s guidance.
  • Call an accident lawyer immediately. From the moment right after the accident, there are many ways your case could be threatened. An experienced lawyer ensures this doesn’t happen, guiding you on the right steps to take and protecting you from parties that could take advantage of you.

In all of these, it is best to act promptly and without delay, as many aspects of a personal injury case are time-sensitive. If you have any doubts or questions, always consult with a trustworthy lawyer first. Get a free consultation – just call us at (732) 625-9494.

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What The Grossman Law Firm Can Do For You

  • Skilled representation in insurance negotiations. When facing an auto insurance company, you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, it’s best to have a lawyer to represent you – one who knows how insurers work and who will aggressively pursue compensation against the at-fault party and their insurance carrier. We can provide this for you.
  • Professional representation in arbitration. When the insurance company refuses to pay the costs of the medical treatment you need, we don’t just give up on the case. We will represent you in arbitration proceedings before the National Arbitration Forum against the auto insurance company responsible for paying your medical bills. We provide these services at no cost to you.
  • Competent representation in court. If you decide to take your case to court and file a lawsuit, our firm can proficiently handle your case and fight for a verdict that favors you.

Throughout your car accident case, we commit to providing you with consistent communication, plain-language answers, and compassionate understanding of your situation.

  • You won’t have to be anxious about how your case is moving along – we’ll regularly update you.
  • If you have concerns and questions, you can ask us directly. We’ll respond with clear answers without the confusing legal jargon.
  • If your condition is severe and you can’t travel, we will travel to you or arrange for transportation if needed.
  • We’re prepared to help you with your other needs pertaining to the case, whether it’s translation services for your appointment or a doctor for your treatment.

How much does a personal injury lawyer cost in New Jersey?

At the Grossman Law Firm you don’t worry about lawyer fees. We represent our clients on a contingency basis, so you’ll only have to pay us based on a percentage of the recovery from your settlement or verdict of the case. Your consultations with us are also free.

Top-quality legal service focused on your specific case – that’s what you get when you entrust your case to us. It’s the kind of service that has won many car accident cases throughout New Jersey, helping numerous individuals recover from their injuries and get back on track with their lives.

Let’s get started with your case. Here are some quick answers to questions you may be asking about car accidents and injuries.

How much money will I be able to claim after my NJ accident?

Car accident compensation varies widely depending on several factors, such as the circumstances leading to the crash and the severity of the resulting injuries. Each case is specific, so the only way you can determine how much your case is worth is by talking it over with an attorney. These are only some of the damages you may be entitled to:

  • Cost of medical treatment
  • Cost of therapy or long-term care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
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What if the at-fault driver has no insurance or has inadequate insurance?

If the driver who hit you is uninsured or underinsured, your own insurance provider should take care of your medical bills if you have standard policy. Thus, you will need to file your claim with your own insurer. The amount you can receive is still subject to negotiation, so it is best to be represented by a car accident attorney.

What if I was partially at fault?

Under New Jersey’s comparative negligence law, your compensation may be reduced according to how much you were at fault. However, you should be very careful about admitting your fault to anyone especially to an insurance adjuster. Let your attorney speak for you instead.

Can I negotiate with the insurance company myself?

You can, but this is not recommended. In fact, it is a mistake that many accident victims make. Don’t be fooled by the pleasant nature of insurance adjusters… they have been trained in various tactics to undermine how much your injuries are really worth. Even your innocent remarks may be used against you to reduce your claim. Hiring an NJ accident lawyer to represent you in insurance negotiations is your best option to receive what you truly deserve.

What legal actions can I take if a loved one died in the accident?

If the death of your family member or partner was caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you may have a wrongful death case. You may make a wrongful death claim or pursue the case in court. Talk to your lawyer about the best course of action to take.

If you have any other questions at all about your accident, we are ready to provide you with specific answers. Please feel free to call us so we can discuss your case.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a victim of an auto accident anywhere in New Jersey and have suffered injuries or even the death of a family member, please contact an accident lawyer today. Consultations are always free and confidential.

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