NJ Pilot Killed in Pennsylvania Helicopter Crash

Alan Radecki / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Not too long ago a helicopter crashed into a wooded area in Northeastern Pennsylvania, causing the death of its two occupants. The helicopter, which was carrying three businessmen returning from a golf outing, struggled to land in bad weather. The crash killed a Hunterdon County pilot of 19 years and a 51-year-old man from Connecticut. The third passenger, a 51-year-old from Bernardsville, suffered serious injuries and was rescued several hours after the accident.

According to reports, the Bell 407 chopper was attempting to escape from bad weather conditions, but struck several trees in the area, and then plunged into Coolbaugh Township, Pennsylvania, between Stroudsburg and Wilkes Barre. It was also reported that the area in which the accident occurred was experiencing light rain and fog at the time of the helicopter crash, with visibility of less than a mile.

The passenger who escaped death but sustained serious injuries was sitting in the aircraft’s back seat. He managed to call for help on his cell phone. Authorities quickly responded to the emergency call, and were able to find the crash site and the red aircraft which was torn apart. The seriously injured passenger was taken to a hospital, where he received immediate treatment for his critical condition.

Reports say that the helicopter, initially carrying four men, took off from Elmira, New York, where the men attended a golf outing. The fourth man on board was dropped off in Wilkes-Barre before the accident occurred. The chopper was en route to White Plains, New York, when it crashed.

While there are multiple potential compensation sources in helicopter accident lawsuits, determining liability is very crucial. The aircraft’s operating company can be held liable if a lack of proper training resulted in pilot errors that caused the accident, or if the accident was caused by poor aircraft maintenance. Third-party liability may also be sought. If a malfunctioning or defective part caused the chopper to crash, then the manufacturer of the defective part can be held liable for the damages.

It’s not enough for the victims to sustain injuries in order to claim compensation. The juries and judges need evidence of the injuries, including hospital records, records of doctors’ visits for treatments and medications, and other necessary evidence that an experienced injury law firm is very much aware of. Facts and evidence of a helicopter accident case must be appropriately presented before the jury to convince them that the injured victims deserve to be compensated.

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