Stolen Front Loader Crashes into Southern New Jersey Diner

front end loader
The National Guard / Foter / CC BYfron

Another accident that highlights that personal injury can occur any time and anywhere even when you’re eating a meal at a restaurant. Not that long ago a front-end loader crashed into Piston Diner located in southern New Jersey.

According to the police chief of Westville, Gloucester County, workers from a neighboring business made the call as they watched the scene unveil on a surveillance camera.

Reports show that the front-end loader was stolen from a construction site approximately a quarter mile from the diner. The vehicle looped the middle of Route 130, and proceeded to intentionally drive into the side of diner. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

After the vehicle crashed, the person believed to be driving the heavy vehicle jumped out and got into a getaway car, a silver SUV that took off as quickly as it had pulled up.

The police chief shares that mini liquor bottles were found in the front-end loader. They are currently with the police for fingerprint analysis.

The owner says that the operator lifted the vehicle’s front bucket after crashing into the wall, thus generating even more damage. Sadly, the owner just recently reopened the diner after several months of renovations, and will now have to close for at least another month in order to make repairs.

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