5-vehicle Crash in Old Bridge Kills Manalapan Man

Fatal motor vehicle collisions may occur as a result of hazardous road conditions, busy roadways, or the negligence of motorists. If at least one driver is intoxicated, is not adhering to traffic laws, is distracted or speeding, and an accident happens, then the driver can be held legally liable for the injuries of other motorists.

A deadly road accident on Route 9 near Philips Drive in Old Bridge on April 18 caused the tragic death of a 53-year-old Manalapan man. Police reports indicated that the man, the only occupant in his vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene. The fatal Friday afternoon wreck involved five vehicles in both the northbound and southbound lanes. A passenger in another vehicle was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. The injured passenger’s condition was not immediately known.

The Old Bridge Traffic and Safety Unit is still investigating the accident, and it may take some time for authorities to sort out what exactly happened and which driver or drivers are responsible. If the operator of one of the vehicles is found to have acted in a negligent manner, then this driver can be found legally liable for both the losses of the injured passenger and the death of the Manalapan man.

The victim’s surviving family may seek reimbursement for monetary and non-economic losses incurred through negligence. Once liability is established, the New Jersey civil court will determine financial damages according to the state’s wrongful death laws. The injured passenger may also seek compensation through a personal injury claim for his or her injuries and losses against the negligent driver.

Understandably, the people involved in the fatal multi-vehicle crash in Old Bridge did not expect and were not prepared for this tragic accident. But fatal accidents can occur, and when they do, it’s the family members left behind who are reeling with grief. With the help of a New Jersey wrongful death attorney, those who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence may seek monetary damages.

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