New Brunswick High School Nurse Killed in Howell Crash

A serious car accident can change or end lives in an instant no matter how carefully or defensively people are driving. On highways and roadways, a few feet can mean the difference between life and death. When negligent drivers share the road with careful motorists, nothing can ever make the road completely safe. reports that a 59-year-old New Brunswick High School nurse from Sea Girt was killed after being struck by a pickup truck on Jan. 8 around 7 a.m. on Route 34 in Howell Township. The report states that the victim was driving her 2010 Subaru Forester northbound when a 2011 Ford Ranger pickup truck abruptly crossed the centerline and struck the Subaru’s side front fender and door.

While the nurse’s vehicle was spinning counterclockwise, it was struck by a 2007 Ford Focus from behind. Her vehicle finally stopped on the northbound shoulder.  The victim was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, where she died an hour later.  Witnesses said the victim appeared to have applied the brakes and tried to swerve to the right as the pickup truck came into her lane, but she was unable to avoid the collision.

The most common cause of car accidents is driver error. It’s not clear what caused the 24-year-old male driver to cross the centerline, but it’s certain that this type of collision can be extremely devastating. When one vehicle crosses the centerline and hits an oncoming vehicle, the impact is typically significant, often resulting in an offset impact in which only a part of each vehicle is involved. Usually, the driver’s side of the striking vehicle hits the driver’s side of the oncoming vehicle.

Determining which party is at fault for a centerline accidents is often straightforward. When one vehicle is traveling in its own lane and another hits it, the driver who crossed the centerline is presumed to be at fault and the courts consider it negligence per se.  This could mean that said driver is liable for the resulting injuries or death of other motorists.

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