Southern New Jersey Parkway Accident Injures 4 and Leaves 1 Dead

W116 at speed
jaimekop / Foter / CC BY-ND

 According to state police, a kind-hearted man was assisting a driver who was moving her malfunctioning car off the when another vehicle suddenly struck the good Samaritan and killed him.

Icy conditions are said to be the reason the female driver spun out on the highway one Saturday afternoon in Lacey Township. Four men in a van stopped to help her move her vehicle to a safer area.

The authorities say that a New London, Connecticut resident was driving under the influence of drugs at the time he hit the 34-year-old. The 26-year-old driver is being charged with causing death while driving unlicensed, and both he and his fellow passengers are facing drug charges.

The female driver and the other three men from the van sustained minor injuries.

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